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ISSN: 2080-5209     eISSN: 2353-284X    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/sa

Information on the terms and conditions of accepting texts for publishing in the magazine “Studia Administracyjne”

The admission of texts to the magazine Studia Administracyjne is conducted on a continuous basis.

Before submitting a scientific text to the magazine, it should be drawn up in compliance with the principles specified below. 

The magazine does not charge fees for submitting/approving for print and publishing the scientific and review texts.

The author does not transfer to the publisher the author’s economic rights to the article.

Sample contract for granting a free license to works with the obligation to grant sublicenses CC-BY-SA - download file.

Articles should be prepared in accordance with the following outline:

  • first name and surname of the author - with: scientific degree/title, affiliation (the name of the university, department), email address and unique identifier of the researcher (ORCID);
  • title – should be accurate, extensive, descriptive, without general terms and abbreviations;
  • abstract in the language of the article – 100-300 words, including: why the research was conducted (BACKGROUND), answers to what question (or questions) were searched for (OBJECTIVES), how the research was conducted (METHODOLOGY), what was stated (RESULTS: the most important data, correlations) and how it was interpreted and what conclusions were drawn up from the conducted research (CONCLUSIONS);
  • keywords – up to 5 significant words/expressions;
    a text with A-4 format without expressive substantive justification should not exceed 20 pages (36,000 characters including spaces) and should not be shorter than 12 pages (21,600 characters);


  • Article

- expressly distinguished introduction and conclusions;

- referring in footnotes to bibliography positions must be compliant with the style, the principles of which have been described in download file;

- space between lines – 1.5 cm;

- left and right margin – 2.5 cm;

- in the whole work Times New Roman 12 points font must be used (boldface and italics can be used, underlines should not be used), without special (separate) distinctions (headings, subtitles, underlines, boldface, colours etc.);

pictures included in the work should also be delivered by the author in the form of source image files (e.g. *.cdr, *.ai, *.eps, *.wmf, *.emf, excel diagrams etc.);
illustrations, schemes copied from the Internet should not be included (resolution thereof does not meet the requirements necessary for the purposes of print);

  • Title in English
  • Abstract in English – if the language of the article is English, abstract is sufficient; 100–300 words.
  • Keywords in English – up to 5 significant words/expressions.
  • Appendix bibliography – in accordance with the alphabetic order of cited works, the first letter of the author’s surname is conclusive.


Before publishing the text, the Author is obliged to submit a personal questionnaire with declarations (among others on the originality of the text, consent to personal data processing) – download file.


Detailed information is available on the website of the University of Szczecin Press:


Propositions of texts should be sent to the address: