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# Article title Issue number Year of publication
1. Effects of Gender and Recurrent Low Back Pain on Lifting Style
(Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine)
Vol. 11, No. 3/2015 2015 Go to
2. The Art of Double-Betrayal, or What Comparatists Can Learn from Translators
(Rocznik Komparatystyczny)
9 (2018) 2018 Go to
3. The determinants of the balance of payments imbalance of Sri Lanka
(Studia i Prace WNEiZ US)
nr 56 2019 2019 Go to
4. Soft Subversion, Hard Exposition: Instrumental Sympathy and the Unattainable Multicultural Assemblage in M. Butterfly
(Rocznik Komparatystyczny)
10 (2019) 2019 Go to