Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 31, No. 3/2020

Year of publication:2020
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4 (1-4) --- More

Subjective and objective assessments of physical activity in professional active women aged 50 to 64 years

12 (5-16) Barbara Bergier, Krystyna Gawlik, Joanna Baj-Korpak, Ewa Stępień, Agata Pocztarska-Głos, Mirosława Sidor, Adam Szepeluk More

Paneurhythmy exercises for developing partner and social skills

16 (17-32) Ludmila Chervencova More

A summary of the use of maize in nutritional products for sportsmen

13 (33-45) Kinga Kostrakiewicz-Gierałt More

Functional strength exercise and blood-flow restriction protocols: a systematic review

12 (47-58) Nicole J. Hernandez, Bradley J. Myers, Yuri Feito, Jennifer A. Bunn More

Selected nutritional behaviors and the level of physical activity of high school students

16 (59-74) Joanna Ratajczak, Katarzyna Rucińska, Marek Kolbowicz, Tomasz Zalewski More

Tracking daily steps: an investigation on a small post-secondary campus

12 (75-86) Brent D. Bradford, Adam Howorko, Erinn Jacula, Jason Daniels, Shaelyn Hunt, Nicole Correia More

Rating training load of disabled swimmers in general preparation sub-period

7 (87-93) Bartosz Bolach, Wojciech Seidel, Mirosław Mrozkowiak More

Sense of generalised self-efficacy and pro-health behaviours of Polish and Spanish physical education students

11 (95-105) Maria Gacek, Grażyna Kosiba, Agnieszka Wojtowicz More

Morphological characteristics, assessment of hypermobility and pain threshold of rugby players

7 (107-113) Joanna Trubiłko, Piotr Kolano, Elżbieta Sieńko-Awierianów, Monika Chudecka More

Sports in schools in the province of Volhynia in the years 1921-1939

9 (115-123) Teresa Drozdek-Małolepsza, Eligiusz Małolepszy More

Self-esteem of physical education students within didactic and educational skills depending on the mode of study against evaluation by placement supervisors

10 (125-134) Michalina Kuska, Marcin Pasek, Mirosława Szark-Eckardt More