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Issue archive / Vol. 33, No. 1/2021

Year of publication:2021
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Validity of an Inertial Measurement Unit System to Assess Lower-limb Kinematics during a Maximal Linear Deceleration

12 (5-16) Alastair R. Jordan, Howie J. Carson, Brett Wilkie, Damian J. Harper More

Impact of European Union programs on the activities of the Third Polish Republic’s Parliament in the field of sport in the years 2004-2007

9 (17-25) Leonard Nowak, Maria Alicja Nowak More

Gender Inequality and Female Sports Participation in Turkey

15 (27-41) Meltem Ince Yenilmez More

The Role of Fall Prophylaxis in the Quality of Life of the Geriatric Patients

10 (43-52) Filip Nadobnik More

Effect of Educational Training on Nutrition and Weight Management in Elite Spanish Gymnasts

7 (53-59) Andrea Visiedo, Jillian E. Frideres, Jose M. Palao More

Comparative Characteristics and Assessment of the Relations of Anthropometric Indicators and Motor Abilities of Girls’ Basketball Players 12-14 Years Old

11 (61-71) Natalia Chukhlantseva, Inna Cherednichenko, Eduard Bruhno More

Injuries and Contusions in Recreational and Sports Horse Riding

8 (73-80) Rena Majchrowicz, Karolina Karaś, Piotr Matłosz, Jarosław Herbert More

The Emergence of eSports Nutrition: A Review

15 (81-95) Fernando J. Ribeiro, Victor M. Viana, Nuno P. Borges, Vitor H. Teixeira More

Physical Activity of Senior Citizens: Quantitative Analysis of Literature Derived from Scopus Base

7 (97-103) Dorota Ortenburger, Anatolii Tsos More

Sports in the Province of Volhynia as Presented in the “Ziemia Wołyńska” Magazine (1928-1932)

11 (105-115) Teresa Drozdek-Małolepsza More

Analysis of Training Loads among Swimmers with Disabilities during Specific Preparation Period

9 (117-125) Zuzanna Karpiel, Katarzyna Kozikowska, Dominika Sasin More

Determinants of Assault on Football League Referees during Competitions in Nigeria

7 (127-133) Danjuma Moudu Momoh, Toyosi Olaseyo More