Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 35, No. 3/2021

Year of publication:2021
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3 (1-3) --- More

Students and Graduates of the University of Szczecin at the 32nd Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

11 (5-15) Jerzy Eider More

Motor Control Mechanisms and the Practice of Krav Maga—a Narrative Analysis

9 (17-25) Guy Mor More

Relative Age Effect: A Systematic Discrimination against Biologically Younger Athletes

14 (27-40) Aristotelis Gioldasis, Evangelos Bekris, Athanasia Smirniotou More

Normal Levels of TSH Affect the Metabolic Profile Differently in Physically Active Males and Females

8 (41-48) Marzena Malara, Anna Kęska, Joanna Tkaczyk, Grażyna Lutosławska More

Effect of Modified High Intensity Interval Training on Fat Loss

8 (49-56) Dobson Dominic, Sai Kishore More

Beetroot Juice - Legal Doping for Athletes?

14 (57-70) Katarzyna Kurowska, Katarzyna Antosik, Milena Kobylińska, Agnieszka Decyk More

Identification of the Mapping Models of the Players Cooperation in Serve Reception in Volleyball

15 (71-85) Leszek Mazur More

The Impact of Implicit and Explicit Training Methods on the Acquisition of Perceptual Expertise in Young Athletes

12 (87-98) Afroditi Lola, Evandros Votsis, George Tzetzis, Dimitris Chatzopoulos More

Newer Perspectives in Lactate Threshold Estimation for Endurance Sports – A Mini-Review

18 (99-116) Anup Krishnan, Chandra Sekara Guru, Arumugam Sivaraman, Thiagarajan Alwar, Deep Sharma, Piyush Angrish More

Surgical Mask Use in Physical Ecercise in Young Healthy Subjects Sume Trial

9 (117-125) Hugo Mendonça Café, Marta Leitão, Anya Freitas, Ana Marreiros More