Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 14, No. 2/2016

Year of publication:2016
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Modeling the Total Energy Costs of Resistance Exercise: a Work in Progress

8 (5-12) Victor M. Reis, Christopher B. Scott More

Modelling Muscle Force Distributions During the Front and Back Squat in Trained Lifters

8 (13-20) Stephen Atkins, James D. Richards, Jonathan Sinclair, Hayley Vincent More

Changes in Selected Morphological Parameters and Body Composition, as Well as Mean Body Surface Temperature Assessed by Thermal Imaging, in Women After Abdominal Liposuction

6 (21-26) Monika Chudecka, Andrzej Dmytrzak, Anna Lubkowska Lubkowska More

Effect of an Educational Program about Game Statistics and a Goal-Setting Intervention in a Community College Women’s Volleyball Team

9 (27-35) José M. Palao More

The Associations of Selected Lifestyle Patterns and Lung Cancer Risk: An Evidence-based Update

17 (37-53) Basil H. Aboul-Enein, Joanna Kruk More

Repeated Acceleration Activity in Competitive Youth Soccer

7 (55-61) Steve Atkins, David J. Barron, Chris Edmundson, Dave Fewtrell More

Influence of Rehabilitation on Health of Ballroom Dancers After Sports Injuries

9 (63-71) Adrianna Banio More

Comparing the Effect of Static and PNF Stretching on Hip Joint Flexibility of Un-training Female Students

6 (73-78) Manizeh Mansour Sadeghi, Behnaz Motekalemi, Mitra Poursohrab, Tahmineh Saidi Ziabari, Delaram Sorahi More

Physical Activity as Prevention of Chronic Illnesses in Seniors

8 (79-86) Mariusz Pietrzak, Katarzyna Sygit, Marian Sygit More

Influence of Selenium on Oxidative Stress in Athletes. Review Article.

6 (87-92) Natalia Kois, Paulina Ler, Klaudia Piechanowska, Krzysztof Sieja, Michalina Stolarska, Joanna von Mach-Szczypińska More

What Does Post-Exercise Proteinuria Tell Us About Kidneys?

8 (93-100) Jacek Januszczyk, Karolina Kuźbicka, Dominik Rachoń, Wojciech Ratkowski, Marcin Renke, Patrycja Tkachenko-Rita, Robert Urbański, Wojciech Wołyniec, Katarzyna Zorena More

Assessment of Anaerobic Endurance Based on Selected Biochemical Parameters in 400 m/400 m Hurdles Male Athletes

10 (101-110) Tomasz Kaczmarczyk, Anna Stolecka-Warzecha, Aleksandra Żebrowska More