Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 1, No. 1/2013

Year of publication:2013


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Collagen gene sequence variants in exercise-related traits

15 (3-17) Malcolm Collins, Kevin O’Connell, Colleen J. Saunders More

The PPARA gene polymorphism in team sports athletes

6 (19-24) Ildus I. Ahmetov, Emiliya S. Egorova, Leysan J. Mustafina More

Good scientific practice and ethical principles in scientific research and higher education

5 (25-29) Joanna Kruk More

Chosen induvidual factors of adolescents' physical development in their leisure time

7 (31-37) Karol Görner, Adam Jurczak, Robert Makuch, Dariusz Mucha, Michał Spieszny More

Fatigue development mechanisms during increased intensity exertion

7 (39-45) Sebastian Klich More

Guidelines for the use of physical activity in children with type I diabetes

6 (47-52) Monika Niewiadomska, Mariya Radziyevska, Pavlo Radziyevsky More