Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 20, No. 4/2017

Year of publication:2017
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4 (1-4) --- More

Changes in Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance Capabilities Following Different Interval-Training Programs

8 (5-12) Yoav Meckel, Mahmood Sindiani, Sigal Ben Zaken, Alon Eliakim More

Effect of Aqua Aerobics on Selected Somatic, Physiological and Aerobic Capacity Parameters in Postmenopausal Women

10 (13-22) Joanna Kantyka, Damian Herman, Robert Roczniok More

The Assessment of the Occurrence of Benign Hypermobility Joint Syndrome in Physiotherapy Students

8 (23-30) Ewelina Żyżniewska-Banaszak, Hanna Tchórzewska-Korba, Magdalena Gębska, Katarzyna Weber Nowakowska, Katarzyna Leźnicka, Kuba Żyżniewski More

The Influence of the 6-month Course of Nordic Walking on Patient with Parkinson's Disease - a Case Report

8 (31-38) Paula Musiał, Monika Michalik, Ewelina Nowak, Justyna Szefler-Derela More

Design, Validation, and Reliability of Survey to Measure Knowledge of Nutrition, Weight Control and its Risks

13 (39-51) Andrea Visiedo, Jillian E. Frideres, José M. Palao More

Assessment of the Progress of Treatment Rehabilitation of Patients with Shoulder Joint Diseases

8 (53-60) Anna Świtoń, Agnieszka Wnuk, Jacek Szumlański, Natalia Wogórka More

Counteracting Social Exclusion of People with Motor Dysfunctions through Physical Culture- Opinions of People with and without Physical Disabilities

8 (61-68) Marzena Grzybowska, Wojciech J. Cynarski, Grzegorz Błażejewski More

The Effect of 12-week-long Nordic Walking Exercise on Body Composition, Changes in Lipid and Carbohydrate Metabolism Indices, Concentration of Selected Adipokines and Calcidiol in Healthy Middle-aged Women

12 (69-80) Łukasz Tota, Wanda Pilch, Anna Piotrowska, Tomasz Pałka, Paweł Pilch More

Occurrence and Intensity of Spinal Pain in Motorcyclists Depending on Motorcycle Type

11 (81-91) Roksana Wójcik, Bartosz Trybulec More

Changes in Motor Skills of Children who Train Sports Swimming at the Initial Stage of School Education (in an Annual Training Cycle)

13 (93-105) Paweł Eider, Krzysztof Wilk, Michał Tarnowski, Robert Terczyński More

The Effects of a Six-week Plyometric Training Program on the Stiffness of Anterior and Posterior Muscles of the Lower Leg in Male Volleyball Players

9 (107-115) Dariusz Mroczek, Edward Superlak, Tomasz Seweryniak, Krzysztof Maćkała, Marek Konefał, Paweł Chmura, Dorota Borzucka, Zbigniew Rektor, Jan Chmura More