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Lista wydań / Vol. 39, No. 3/2022

Rok wydania: 2022
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1 (3-3) --- Więcej

Quantification of Eccentric Hamstrings Strength in Elite Academy Footballers: Considerations for Assessment

12 (5-16) David Rhodes, Matt Greig, Josh Jeffrey, Jill Alexander Więcej

Reviewing Available Online Publications on the Effect of Dance on the Physical and Mental Health of Children and Adolescents

10 (17-26) Georgios Lykesas, Dimitrios Chatzopoulos, Volinou Νeratzoula, Eugenia Nikolaki, Styliani Douka, Panteleimon Bakirtzoglou Więcej

The use of Dietary and Protein Supplements by Women Attending Fitness Clubs on a Recreational Basis and an Analysis of the Factors Influencing their Consumption

21 (27-47) Joanna Witkoś, Magdalena Hartman-Petrycka Więcej

The Effects of Different Exercise Intensities on the Static and Dynamic Balance of Older Adults: A randomised Controlled Trial

16 (49-64) Kamran Ghasemabad, Tengku Kamalden, Roxana Dev, Qais Gasibat, Pooya Nekooei, Sara Majlesi, Paria Nekouei, Behzad Alemi Więcej

Anthropometric Characteristics of Volleyball Players with respect to Playing Positions: In Ethiopian Female Premier League

9 (65-73) Berhanie Asrat Bekele, Alemmebrat Kiflu Adane, Teketel Abreham Kabiso Więcej

Anthropometric Variables and PEFR

6 (75-80) Rashmi Chandel, Garima Shivhare, Anumeha Bhagat Więcej

The Effect of Exercise Dependence and Narcissism Components on Eating Disorders in Men Bodybuilders

8 (81-88) Solmaz Babaei, leily Alizadeh, Akram Amaghani, Bahram Jamali Gharakhanlou Więcej