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ISSN: 2450-8535     eISSN: 2451-2729    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/ejsm.2018.26-32
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Lista wydań / Vol. 26, 2/2018
Crowdsourcing as a challenge for advertising agencies in the creative service market

Autorzy: Anna Szwajlik
Słowa kluczowe: advertising services crowdsourcing crowdsourcing platforms
Rok wydania:2018
Liczba stron:7 (257-263)
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The article contains theoretical deliberations concerning the usage of crowdsourcing platforms in order to obtain creative resources necessary to design advertising services. The article also aims at defining what role crowdsourcing can play in the creative service market. The first part of the article presents the characterization of advertising as creative services and the role of crowdsourcing in gaining creative ideas. The concept of crowdsourcing platforms used as a way of gaining creative resources and creating ideas constituting the basis of the offered advertising services was presented in the form of examples in the next part of the article.
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