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ISSN: 2450-8535     eISSN: 2451-2729    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/ejsm.2018.28/2-12
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Lista wydań / Vol. 28/2, 4/2018
General Data Protection Regulation – results of a pilot study

Autorzy: Maciej Czaplewski

Anna Modzelewska-Stalmach

Malwina Popiołek
Słowa kluczowe: GDPR data protection privacy
Data publikacji całości:2018
Liczba stron:7 (105-111)
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The article focuses on the social aspects of the GDPR implementation. Paper presents the results of a study conducted in 2018, after the introduction of legislative changes. The study was exploratory and its aim was to find out how administrative employees evaluated and feels about GDPR. The survey was conducted as an online survey questionnaire. The article presents the results of the study, initial conclusions after its implementation, and a proposal for further research.
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