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Issue archive / 61 (2023)
Amerykańska metafizyka rasy
(American metaphysics of race)

Authors: Mieczysław Jagłowski ORCID
Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski, Instytut Filozofii
Keywords: race racism contemporary American philosophy realism anti-realism eliminativism conservatism critique of the metaphysics of race
Year of publication:2023
Page range:22 (67-88)
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American metaphysics of race In the 1990s, a debate about the race began in the United States, in which many philosophers are involved. In philosophy, this debate has become known as the metaphysics of race. The aim of this article is to outline positions that have formed in the area of the metaphysics of race as a separate, mainly American, current of philosophical thought - realism (naturalistic and constructivist) and anti-realism - and to indicate the most important arguments invoked by their most outstanding proponents to justify their metaphysical positions, as well as the counter-arguments of their opponents. The article also discusses the normative aspect of this dispute, very important from the moral and social point of view, listing two main positions on this level: eliminativism and conservatism regarding the presence of racial terms and concepts in public discourses. In the final parts of the article, the relations between metaphysical positions and normative directives formulated by the participants of the debate are considered, and critical arguments concerning the philosophical value and social importance of this trend of thinking are presented.
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