Analiza i Egzystencja

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Publishing ethics

The Editorial Staff is of the opinion that ghostwriting (not revealing somebody’s contribution to the publication) and guest authorship (including as a co-author somebody who has made an insignificant contribution, if any, to the publication) are examples of academic negligence.

In order to avoid such phenomena the Editorial Staff initiate the following procedures:

1. If there are more than one author, they are requested to give the amount of work each one of them has put into the publication.

2. Authors are requested to reveal the financing sources for their research, e.g. a research grant or a scientific scholarship.

3. When the Editorial Staff detect a case of ghostwriting or guest authorship, they – after analysing in detail and substantiating the case – will notify the author’s employer(s) and their academic institution(s) about the fact.

4. Other cases of academic diligence will be revealed and substantiated as well, such as fabricating or forging data, plagiarism, etc. We check the papers by "".

5. The Editorial Staff disapprove of the following: hiding relevant data, ignoring arguments that are contrary to the thesis of the article, incomplete bibliography, publishing the same results in various places, submitting the text to different journals. Link to COPE