Annales Neophilologiarum

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For Authors

Publication forms and sizes:

• scientific articles (literary and cultural studies, linguistics, translation studies, glottodidactics) – 12-15 pages;

• reviews (as texts for publication) – 10-12 pages;

• reports or presentations of books – up to 4 pages;

• the language of publication: Polish and foreign languages.


Sending articles:

• via menu "Zaproponuj artykuł" [‘Suggest Article’];

• an article as an attachment in Microsoft Office Word;

• the same version of the article in PDF;

• pictures, tables, etc. placed in the text and separately as a file in the format: Excel, Statistica, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Power Point;

• photos placed in the text and separately as a file in the format: JPG, TIF or PDF, 300 dpi (dots per inch);

• getting the CONSENT OF THE COPYRIGHT OWNERS and revealing the source(s) of the materials used in the publication lie with the author(s).


Rules of editing texts:

Authors are requested to give up their own text formatting and observe the following rules:

• margins: 2.5 cm both sides;

• font Times New Roman 12 points; line spacing 1.5;

• text justified;

• paragraphs: 1 cm indentation of the first line of each paragraph (without spaces between paragraphs);

• pages numbered;

• option to divide words set to off;


• end/footnotes and bibliography – APA style; follow the instructions included in the attachment;

• abstract: at the beginning of the article in English and Polish (up to 1,000 characters each abstract); authors are requested to translate the title of the article into English and Polish as well;

• keywords: 3-4 words in English and Polish below the abstract;

• information on the author: a short biographical note (up to 500 characters) including email and mailing address.


Deadline for articles to be sent: (each year) January 31th

After the article has been accepted the authors are requested to sign the attached GHOSTWRITING declaration and to send it to the address:


Uniwersytet Szczeciński (University of Szczecin)

Wydział Filologiczny (Faculty of Philology)

"Annales Neophilologiarum" 

al. Piastów 40b

71-065 Szczecin



GHOSTWRITING declaration download

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