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Issue archive / Vol. 29, No. 1/2020
Effect of Chair Aerobics on Quality of Life in Sedentary Obese Individuals

Authors: Soniya T. Lohana
Faculty of physiotherapy, Krishna institute of medical sciences deemed to be university, Karad, Maharashtra, India

Trupti Yadav
Department of Musculoskeletal sciences, Faculty of Physiotherapy, Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed to be University, Karad, Maharashtra, India
Keywords: chair aerobics sedentary obesity physical activity workplace
Year of publication:2020
Page range:7 (21-27)
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Background: A sedentary lifestyle is associated with various negative health outcomes, including obesity. Aerobic exercise is shown to have beneficial effects on all body systems. The purpose of the present study was to demonstrate the effect of chair aerobics as a light to moderate intensity exercise on the quality of life of obese sedentary individuals. Objectives: Objectives of the study were to improve the physical function and the quality of life in obese individuals in a sedentary working environment in order to improve the energy levels and reduce fatigue. Material and methods: An experimental study was conducted among sedentary obese individuals. Subjects were screened pre-intervention using OSPAQ, BMI etc. Chair aerobics was given in the form of group therapy as a light to moderate intensity exercise programme. Quality of life was assessed post intervention by assessing self esteem and activity levels and physical functioning through QLQ II and SF 36 questionnaires. Results: The study showed statistically significant differences in BMI (p < 0.0001), self esteem and activity levels (p < 0.0001), energy levels and general health (p < 0.0001). Conclusion: Chair aerobics showed a significant effect on the quality of life of sedentary obese individuals with improved levels of physical functioning, increased energy levels and reduced fatigue levels.
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