Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 29, No. 1/2020

Year of publication:2020
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4 (1-4) --- More

Viscoelastic properties of lower extremity muscles after elite track cycling sprint events: a case report

6 (5-10) Sebastian Klich, Igor Krymski, Adam Kawczyński More

Representativeness of Offensive Scenarios to Evaluate Perceptual-Cognitive Skills of Water Polo Players

9 (11-19) Filipe Casanova, Ricardo Pereira, Sofia Canossa, Maickel Padilha, Rafael Bagatin, Israel Teoldo, Sixto González-Víllora, Ricardo J. Fernandes, Fernando Tavares More

Effect of Chair Aerobics on Quality of Life in Sedentary Obese Individuals

7 (21-27) Soniya T. Lohana, Trupti Yadav More

Digit Ratio in the Groups of Women and Men Practising and Non-practising Sports and Its Relations to the Somatic Features and Motoric Fitness

11 (29-39) Magdalena Mońka, Jadwiga Pietraszewska More

Influence of Key-Points of Ring Muscle-Up Execution on Movement Performance: A Translational Perspective from Artistic Gymnastics to Mixed Modality Training Workouts

11 (41-51) José Alberto dos Santos Rocha, Gustavo Pereira, Rafael Kilipper, João Pereira, Silvio Barsanulfo, Fernanda Barros Castro, Rafael da Silva Passos, Alinne Alves Oliveira, Rafael Pereira More

Comparison of Subjectively Perceived Pro-Health Effects of Practicing Various Forms of Body & Mind Training in Women

12 (53-64) Katarzyna Ustarbowska, Bartosz Trybulec, Paweł Jagielski More

Animation of Free Time and Support for Psychomotor Development of Infants Aged Over 3 Months

11 (65-75) Małgorzata Paczyńska-Jędrycka More

The Strength of Lower Limbs in Elite Gymnasts and Swimmers

12 (77-88) Aleksander Wiażewicz, Waldemar Wiśniowski, Tomasz Sacewicz, Magdalena Czajka More