Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 30, No. 2/2020

Year of publication:2020
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Social and Political Aspects of the Development of Cycling in Pomorze Zachodnie (West Pomerania) in the Years 1945–1950

10 (5-14) Ryszard Stefanik, Maciej Zawadzki More

The Effects of Two Different HIIT Resting Protocols on Children’s Swimming Efficiency and Performance

10 (15-24) Konstantinos Papadimitriou, Stratos Savvoulidis More

Polish Physical Culture in Germany and the German Minority's Physical Culture in Poland until 1939 – Comparative Study

7 (25-31) Tomasz Jurek, Renata Urban More

Fit and Healthy in Middle Adulthood – Do Fitness Levels Make a Difference

14 (33-46) Katja Klemm, Walter Brehm, Steffen Schmidt, Ine Lucia De Clerck, Klaus Bös More

Development of Health Tourism in West Pomeranian Voivodeship

10 (47-56) Elżbieta Sieńko-Awierianów More

Effectiveness of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Depending on Lifeguard’s Level of Exhaustion

14 (57-70) Remigiusz Olejniczak More

Applied Physical Program on Changes of Body Postures and Dynamic Spine Function in Female Secondary School Students

13 (71-83) Michal Marko, Elena Bendíková More

Stability Training and Effectiveness of Playing Basketball

11 (85-95) Mateusz Worobel More

Purine metabolism in the light of aerobic and anaerobic capacity of female boxers

10 (97-106) Katarzyna Domaszewska, Piotr Szewczyk, Jakub Kryściak, Edyta Michalak, Tomasz Podgórski More