Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 38, No. 2/2022

Year of publication:2022
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Promotion of Physical Activity through Health Applications among Students of Selected Universities – a Preliminary Study

8 (5-12) Lynn Smith, Cheryl-Ann Volkwyn More

The role of the school in preparing students to lead a healthy lifestyle

14 (13-26) Danuta Umiastowska, Lila Pławińska-Kopeć More

The Influence of Lockdown on the Physical Activity and Subjective Health in the Teachers of Physical Education in Poland

11 (27-37) Adam Kozubal, Katarzyna Kozubal, Krzysztof Warchoł, Anna Bartosiewicz, Edyta Łuszczki, Paweł Król, Anna Krajewska-Pędzik, Marta Stępień-Słodkowska More

Relationship among Sports Participation, Self-Perception and Gender Role Orientation of Adolescent Female Students in Kwara State, Nigeria

8 (39-46) Babatunde Samson Adebayo More

Reliability of the Coach’s Eye Goniometer Application during Squat Exercise

13 (47-59) Jonathan Kilgallon, Joseph Cave, Emily Cushion, Shaun Joffe, Jamie Tallent More

Cold Water Immersion as a Method Supporting Post-Exercise Recovery

10 (61-70) Mateusz Kowalski, Anna Lubkowska More

Obesity, Physical Activity and Prostate Cancer: An Overview

21 (71-91) Joanna Kruk, Joshua Bernstein, Basil H. Aboul-Enein More