Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 10, No. 2/2015

Year of publication:2015


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Relationships between Physical Characteristics and Ranking of Young Tennis Players

8 (5-12) Ayelet Dunsky, Alon Eliakim, Adam Hophy, Yoav Meckel More

Peripheral Artery Disease and Activity-Induced Shifts in Quadriceps Median Frequency during Treadmill Walking: A Preliminary Study

11 (13-23) Jennifer A. Bunn, Douglas W. Powell, Rebecca J. Reed-Jones, Meggan M. Walker More

Distances Covered above and below the Anaerobic Threshold by Professional Football Players in Different Competitive Conditions

7 (25-31) Marcin Andrzejewski, Jan Chmura, Paweł Chmura, Marek Konefał, Edward Kowalczuk, Andrzej Rokita More

The Effect Of Warm-Up Modalities on Trampoline Flight Time Performance

11 (33-43) Conrad P. Earnest, Melissa Harden More

Associations Between Health Behavior Habits and Quality of Life Outcomes in Pregnant Women: A Preliminary Investigation in Polish Sample

9 (45-53) Justyna Krzepota, Dorota Sadowska More

Time Motion Differences between Romanian and Polish High Level Young Soccer Players during 6 vs. 6 Small Sided Games as an Effect of Training Program

7 (55-61) Paul Dragos, Gheorghe Dumitrescu, Zbigniew Jastrzębski, Łukasz Mrozik, Łukasz Radzimiński, Arkadiusz Stefaniak, Piotr Stępień More

Evidence for the Invalidity of the Wingate Test for the Assessment of Peak Power, Power Decrement and Muscular Fatigue

16 (63-78) Jason Beam, Edson Estrada, Edson Estrada, Ann L. Gibson, Hung-Sheng Hsu, David Kennedy, Steve Lawson, Aditi Majumdar, Robert A Robergs, Roy M. Salgado, Gustavo Sierra, Ailish C. White, Micah Zuhl More

Physical Education Lessons and Primary School Students’ Free Time

8 (79-86) Iwona Bonisławska, Paweł Drobnik, Tomasz Frołowicz, Małgorzata Pogorzelska, Leszek Tomaczkowski More

Selected Factors Differentiating the Forms of Physical Activity Taken Up or Expected by the Students of PSW in Biała Podlaska

8 (87-94) Barbara Bergier, Józef Bergier, Ewelina Niźnikowska, Ewa Stępień More

The Effect of Hand Rehabilitation Treatment on Patients Operated for Ganglion Cyst of The Wrist in Own Material

6 (95-100) Anna Deskur, Zbigniew Deskur More

Fitness and Somatic Conditioning of a Sports Level in a Women’s Volleyball Team at the Championship Level

8 (101-108) Tomasz Klocek, Agnieszka Rabka, Piotr Rabka, Michał Spieszny More

Discussion of the Research Results of Judo Games at the Initial Stage of Long-Term Training

7 (109-115) Larisa Masenko More