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Issue archive / Vol. 8, No. 4/2014
Physical Fitness of Students who Go in for Boxing in the Process of their Physical Training

Authors: Viktor Nazymok
Department of Physical Training, National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”, Kyiv, Ukraine

Volodymyr Tkachuk
Department of Physical Training Biological Basics and Sports, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Kyiv, Ukraine
Keywords: boxing physical fitness students
Data publikacji całości:2014
Page range:4 (83-86)


Physical and special physical fitness of first and second year students which go in for boxing in the process of their physical training during one and two years, respectively, is defined here. The research involved 108 students: 54 students from first year and 54 students from second year, which were tested during the year (at the beginning and at the end). The following types of testing were used: standing long jump, lying dip up for 20 sec and 1 min, speed – 100 m running, endurance – running 3000 m, rope jumping (quantity per 1 min) and special physical fitness was determined by maximum quantity of left and right punches during 15 sec. There positive dynamics and growth of all physical fitness indicators of students who went in for boxing during the first year was defined. The students who went in for boxing for the second year showed better results and their dynamics (in addition to indicators of 100 m running speed).
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