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Issue archive / Vol. 24, No. 4/2018

Year of publication:2018
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4 (1-4) --- More

Specialized Movement on the Rowing Ergometer and Post-workout Changes in Selected Peripheral Blood Parameters - a Case Report.

9 (5-13) Patrizia Proia, Alessandra Amato, Valentina Contró, Dan Thiel, Pavlína Vostatková, Beata Buryta, Marek Kolbowicz, Tomasz Lewandowski, Anna Nowakowska More

Development of Equestrian Sports at State Stud Farms in Varmia and Masuria between 1947 and 1975

10 (15-24) Zbigniew Wójcik, Renata Urban More

The Effect of Visual Speed Swimming Control in Swimmers’ Threshold Training

10 (25-34) Stefan Szczepan, Krystyna Zatoń, Jacek Borkowski More

Energy Expenditure and Intensity of Interactive Video Dance Games according to Health Recommendations

9 (35-43) Jacek Polechoński, Władysław Mynarski, Wiesław Garbaciak, Artur Fredyk, Michał Rozpara, Agnieszka Nawrocka More

Physical Fitness of Prison Officers

11 (45-55) Józef Bergier, Leszek Wojciechowski More

Reliability of fitness trackers at different prices for measuring steps and heart rate: a pilot study

8 (57-64) Kayla Ricchio, Penny Lyter-Antonneau, José M. Palao More

Evaluation of the Impact of Physiotherapy on Physical Fitness and Ranges of Motion of Selected Joints of Elderly Women from the Karkonosze University of the Third Age in Jelenia Góra – Preliminary Results.

11 (65-75) Dorota Cichoń, Zofia Ignasiak, Iwona Demczyszak, Małgorzata Fortuna, Tomasz Ignasiak, Małgorzata Milko More

Physique and Fitness of Swimmers from West Bengal

14 (77-90) Anindita Mandal (Majee), Nandita Sarkar More