Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 26, No. 2/2019

Year of publication:2019
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4 (1-4) --- More

Quantifying the Physical Demands of Small Sided Games in Rugby Union: Contact vs. Non-contact

9 (5-13) Lydia Chadwick, Richard M. Page, Ben Langley More

Dance as a Catalyst for Stress Busting

15 (15-29) Charanya Gurusathya More

The Effect of Corrective Exercises on the Range of Motion of the Hip Joints and the Result Obtained in the Deep Squat of FMS Test

10 (31-40) Jolanta Oleksiak, Anna Sobianek, Maciej Janiszewski More

Health Risks Related to Tattoo Procedure

6 (41-46) Aleksandra Tuchowska, Joanna Kruk, Paulina Sagan, Ewa Duchnik, Mariola Marchlewicz More

Improvement of Student Physical State and Coordination of Movements by Means of Alish Belt Wrestling

10 (47-56) Olexandr Voloshin, Olexandr Kolenkov More

Comparison of the General Fitness Level in Junior Kayakers with Different Sports Level Running title: Comparison of the fitness level in kayakers

9 (57-65) Mateusz Rynkiewicz, Piotr Żurek, Jacek Biernacki, Karolina Pokrywka, Tadeusz Rynkiewicz More

Students of the University of Szczecin as Candidates for the Olympic or Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020

10 (67-76) Jerzy Eider More

Nordic Walking as a Form of Recreation

6 (77-82) Magdalena Kunysz-Rozborska, Aneta Rejman More