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Lista wydań / Vol. 40, No. 4/2022
Nutritional strategies of young, physically active residents of Wrocław

Autorzy: Jakub Ptak ORCID
Wroclaw Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Wrocław, Poland

Dominik Krupka
Student, Wroclaw Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Wrocław, Poland

Mateusz Wilk
Wroclaw Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Wrocław, Poland

Kacper Turek ORCID
Wroclaw Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Wrocław, Poland

Michał Jarocki ORCID
Wroclaw Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Wrocław, Poland
Słowa kluczowe: sports nutrition macronutrients performance young athletes diet
Rok wydania:2022
Liczba stron:8 (45-52)
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Proper diet is a well-established factor influencing the effectiveness of training. to assess the knowledge of young sportspeople from Wrocław about sport nutritional strategies an online survey was distributed to Wrocław sport schools and clubs. the respondents were asked to answer questions regarding their sport activity, diet and the knowledge of nutrition strategies. the answers were then compared with the recommended strategies of international Society of Sports Nutrition (iSSN) and other research on this topic.147 answers were analyzed. 38% of the respondents modified their diet due to training. their most popular strategy was an additional pre-workout meal. in the group that did not modify the diet, the majority (82%) heard of some sport nutrition strategy. 52% of the respondents consumed a protein peri-workout meal. estimated 30% consume the amount of protein recommended by iSSN. Percentage of young sportspeople adjusting diet to training seems to be low, taking into account both established importance of such proceedings and awareness of sport nutrition strategies in this group. interestingly, more men than women do so. Group of respondents following well-documented iSSN recommendations is comparably modest. Perhaps the topic of nutrition strategies should be given more emphasis in schools and sport associations.
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