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Lista wydań / Vol. 23, 3/2017
Perception of modern agritourism. Wielkopolskie Province (Poland) and the Northeast Region (Romania) case study

Autorzy: Aleksandra Spychała
University of Life Sciences in Poznań, Poland

Sylwia Graja-Zwolińska
University of Life Sciences in Poznań, Poland

Georgia Tacu
“Gh. Zane” Institute of Economic and Social Research, Romania

Teodor Păduraru
“Gh. Zane” Institute of Economic and Social Research, Romania
Słowa kluczowe: agritourism rural tourism Wielkopolskie Province Northeast Region
Rok wydania:2017
Liczba stron:8 (63-70)
Klasyfikacja JEL: Q19 Q56 Q57 R11
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Agritourism in countries like Poland or Romania has effectively developed rural space, turning what in the socialist period was regarded as weaknesses, such as small, family farms, or the extensive character of the agricultural production, into strengths. Nowadays, this particular form of tourism is a significant trend in creating brand tourism products in both countries. However, progress depends on many factors, starting from natural, economic and legal conditions, and ending with the perception of agritourism by tourists. The authors of the article attempted to examine how agritourism is approached scientifically in both countries (theory verification in the light of literature analysis), what the supply is in selected regions and how agritourism is perceived by potential clients. Preliminary studies show numerous differences in agritourism development in both countries. While preparing the article, the authors made use of both, primary (collected during a survey) and secondary materials (analysis of literature, strategic documents, statistical data). The survey questionnaire was prepared with the help of agritourism service providers.
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