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Issue archive / Vol. 36 2023

Year of publication:2023
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Who Were the Slavs who Destroyed the Fortress on the River Trave in 1181? The Origins of the Imperial-Pomeranian Alliance in the Early 80s of the 12th Century

21 (5-25) Marek Smoliński More

From the History of Sigillography and Heraldry of Private Towns in Western Pomerania. A Case Study of the Seal and Coat of Arms of Łobez

22 (27-48) Agnieszka Gut More

Textually Invisible? Emporia on the Southern Shore of the Baltic in Scandinavian Medieval Sources

19 (49-67) Carina Damm More

The M. Jebsen Shipping Company in Apenrade, Schleswig-Holstein: Coastal Shipping in Europe, 1878–1885

24 (69-92) Bert Becker More

Obligations of the Policyholder and Liability of the Insurer in the Marine Insurance Contract in Poland between 1920 and 1961

18 (93-110) Judyta Dworas-Kulik More

The Transatlantlaticism of Billy Graham’s Visit to Poland in October 1978

23 (111-133) Włodzimierz Batóg More

Geocaching Adventure Lab–The Innovative Tool for Exploring and Creating Tourism Space

22 (135-156) Elżbieta Mydłowska More

Entrepreneurship Support Instruments in Coastal Municipalities of Poland and Latvia: Scope of Application and Effectiveness

23 (157-179) Rafał Czyżycki, Elżbieta Ociepa-Kicińska, Jacek Rodzinka, Tomasz Skica More

Studying the Specificity of Coastal Cities in the Light of the Regional Business Spatial Community Concept

17 (181-197) Cezary Stępniak More

Socio-Spatial Aspects of Cluster Structures with Particular Emphasis on Maritime Economy

20 (199-218) Agnieszka Budziewicz-Guźlecka, Roman Chorób More

The Modern Postal Market in the Light of the Distribution of Postal Services by Sea Freight

19 (219-237) Michał Kuściński More

Information and Communication Infrastructure as an Important Tool for Developing the Three Seas Initiative

13 (239-251) Maciej Czaplewski, Radka Nacheva More

Are Coastal Cities Senior-Friendly?

27 (253-279) Sławomir Pytel, Agnieszka Piechota More