Studia Maritima

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"Studia Maritima", published once a year, is an interdisciplinary journal, which presents results of a wide range of research into marine problems. The pages of the Journal are open for specialists in many fields: history and archeology, as well as related humanities disciplines, and social, economic, legal, biological and medical sciences, and the arts.

The range of topics is also broad: research into seas and oceans, seaside or coastal regions and areas of influence between the two

The Journal welcomes articles of various character: analytical and comparative, as well as case studies, which present the latest achievements in diverse fields such as marine archaeology, the history of naval armaments, maritime policy, present-day global problems concerning local coastal communities, etc. We also accept reviews.

The publisher of "Studia Maritima" is the Szczecin University. The Journal is included in List B of journals without Impact Factor and has 100 points, which results from the parameterisation carried out by Ministry of Education and Science.

The Journal «Studia Maritima» is indexed in the following bases: CEJSH, CEEOL, BazHum, DOAJ, ERIH Plus.

"Studia Maritima" is an open access, peer-reviewed journal, publishing in English and German.



We are pleased to announce that in order to meet the demand and interest, we are expanding the profile of our journal and beginning with the next issue we will also receive reviews of scientific publications that were published no earlier than two years before the date of the next issue of "Studia Maritima". Reviews should meet formal requirements and be critical discussion of another scientific work. reporting or polemical in nature, and should meet editorial requirements and guidelines. 


The latest issue of "Studia Maritima" (Volume 35, 2022) will soon be available for the purchase in the

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The Editorial Office accepts articles (written according to the principles available in Bookmark "For authors") for publication in Volume 36, 2023.

History of the Journal

In 1978 the Committee of Historical Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) decided to create a new foreign-language scientific journal dealing with broadly conceived marine problems. Professor Maria Bogucka was appointed the first editor-in-chief of the Journal (published in English, German and French) and the Editorial Staff was composed of representatives of several Polish academic centres, including Szczecin and Gdańsk. 

Thanks to the development of the last two centres mentioned above in the mid-1990s their involvement in the Journal grew significantly and they became its co-publishers. At that time professor Edward Włodarczyk was appointed the editor-in-chief and he held the post until the end of 2016, when he was replaced by professor Adam Makowski. On some ocassions the Pedagogical Academy of Słupsk co-operated with the Journal, too. Since that time the Journal has been concentrated on research into maritime economy, marine culture and the history related somehow to marine problems. The dominant group of authors have become scholars from Baltic academic centres, mainly Polish, German and Swedish. In 2011-2016 the Journal «Studia Maritima» was published by the Committee of Historical Science and Szczecin University. Since 2017 Szczecin University has been the only publisher. 

Open Access statement

Full versions of articles published in the journal are available at without grace period or any technological barriers.
Articles are published on CC-BY-SA license and journal have not any article processing charges (APCs). Authors hold the copyright to their articles without restrictions.