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ISSN: 1734-9923     eISSN: 2300-7621    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/aie.2020.52-04

Issue archive / 52 (2020)
Metafizyka i sekularyzacja - kilka uwag o Gianniego Vattima tezie dotyczącej śmierci Boga
(Metaphysics and secularisation - a few remarks on Gianni Vattimo's thesis about the death of God)

Authors: Antoni Torzewski
Uniwersytet Kazimierza Wielkiego
Keywords: metaphysics secularization Vattimo death of God postmodernism contemporary philosophy philosophy of religion
Year of publication:2020
Page range:20 (55-74)
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The death of God thesis is a siginificant one when it comes to the contemporary philosophy of religion. In this article we will try to present this thesis in the light of Gianni Vattimo’s philosophy in order to clarify the meaning of the death of God and also to critisize it. The article will be divided into three sections. The aim of the first one will be to show the ways in which the death od God thesis should not be understood. The aim of the second will be to present the actual meaning of the thesis. And the third one will be devoted to the critique of Gianni Vattimo’s philosophy of religion which constitutes itself as a result of accepting the death of God thesis.
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