Annales Neophilologiarum

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Issue archive / 9 (2015)
О паремиографии Морица Ильича Михельсона
(On Moric Michelson’s paremiography)

Authors: Tomasz Szutkowski ORCID
Uniwersytet Szczeciński, Wydział Filologiczny
Keywords: M. Michelson Russian lexicography Russian paremiography
Year of publication:2015
Page range:9 (207-215)
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The article discusses the paremiographic aspect of Moric Michelson’s collection, Русская мысль и речь. Свое и чужое. Опыт русской фразеологии. Сборник образных слов и иносказаний and its immense contribution to Russian paremiography. This dictionary presents the reader with the full range of Russian phraseology, hence the paremiology as well. The author consistently explains denotations of paremiological units for the first time in the history of Russian lexicography. In addition, the explanations are extensively illustrated with examples what provides substantial basis for further study of Russian phraseology in terms of history and etymology.
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