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Issue archive / Vol. 34, No. 2/2021

Year of publication:2021
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Force Steadiness during Submaximal Isometric Plantar and Dorsiflexion in Resistance Training: Experienced vs Non-experienced Individuals

9 (5-13) Konstantinos Salonikidis, Konstantinos Papageorgiou, Anastasios Meliadis, Fotini Arabatzi More

Evaluation of the Psychological and Hormonal Parameters in Paragliding

9 (15-23) Deniz Sinem Çalık, Recep Gürsoy, Ercan Saruhan More

Use of Szczecin‘a Swimming Pools for the Aqua Fitness Activity in 2012 and 2019

13 (25-37) Jarosław Nadobnik, Aleksander Wiażewicz More

Assessment of Young Swimmers’ Technique with Tec Pa Tool

13 (39-51) Konstantinos Papadimitriou, Nikos Papadimitriou, Vassilios Gourgoulis, Vassilis Barkoukis, Dimitris Loupos More

The importance of Reaction Time in Athletics: Influence on the Results of Sprint Runs of World Championships Finalists

13 (53-65) Ratko Pavlović More

Knowledge, Awareness and Impact of Coronavirus Disease Lockdown on Training, Fitness and Personal Parameters: A Survey of Nigerian Athletes

9 (67-75) Kayode Israel Oke, Olufemi Opeyemi Ogundiran, Chidozie Emmanuel Mbada, Ekundayo Ogunkunle More

Goalkeeper Performance: Analysis of Goalkeepers’ Contribution to Their Team’s Build-up under the Opponent’s Pressure in the 2018 World Cup

10 (77-86) Dimitrios Mikikis, Yiannis Michailidis, Athanasios Mandroukas, George Mavrommatis, Thomas Metaxas More

Body composition analysis according to the exercise modality in adults with obesity: Pilot study

9 (87-95) Liliana Aracely Enríquez del Castillo, Natanael Cervantes Hernández, Ramón Candia Luján, Luis Alberto Flores Olivares More

Effect of the Proposed Training Program on some Physiological and Body Composition Variables of under 20 Years Old Male Football Players

8 (97-104) Omar Talha Khanafdl More