Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 16, No. 4/2016

Year of publication:2016
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Effects of Moderate-Intensity Resistance Exercise on Blood Pressure in Hypertensive Individuals

8 (5-12) Marya Rahmani Ghobadi, Rastegar Hoseini, Zahra Hoseini More

Physical Activity of Polish and Turkish University Students as Assessed by IPAQ

10 (13-22) Justyna Bednarek, Sylwia Pomykała, Monika Bigosińska, Zbigniew Szyguła More

Diversity of Nutrition among Male and Female Ukrainian Students

9 (23-31) Józef Bergier, Barbara Bergier, Anatolii Tsos More

The Primary Pupils’ Knowledge Level about the Winter Olympic Games

9 (33-41) Karol Görner, Tomáš Kolofík More

Co-Existence of Physical Activity (PA) and other Energy-Balance Related Behaviours among Adolescents Participating in PA Intervention in Poland.

12 (43-54) Paweł Zembura, Aleksandra Gołdys More

Collegiate Coaches’ Knowledge of the Female Athlete Triad in Relation to Their Characteristics

12 (55-66) Jillian E. Frideres, Sue G. Mottinger, José M. Palao More

Review of Traditional and Natural Methods of Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

9 (67-75) Maurycy Mieczkowski, Krzysztof Sieja, Marta Stępień-Słodkowska More

Effects of Energy Boost and Springblade Footwear on Running Economy and Substrate Oxidation

8 (77-84) Jonathan Sinclair, Stephanie Dillon More

Assessment of Shoulder Joint Strength Disproportion of Masters Swimmers

6 (85-90) Aleksander Wiażewicz, Jerzy Eider More

Determination of Capacity and Rules of the Variability of Maximum Force Using Nonlinear Mathematical Models: a Case Study.

11 (91-101) Milenko B. Milosevic, Vesna J. Nemec, Morteza Jourkesh, Predrag M. Nemec, Milos M. Milosevic, Behm G. David More

Maximum Locomotor Speed of the Best Football Players at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil

8 (103-110) Łukasz Bojkowski, Robert Śliwowski, Andrzej Wieczorek More

Small-Sided Soccer Game (1v1) in Goalkeepers’ Training

8 (111-118) Dawid Goliński, Jarosław Muracki, Paweł Wolański, Sebastian Klich, Eugenia Murawska-Ciałowicz More