Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 18, No. 2/2017

Year of publication:2017
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The Importance of Directly Derived Information in the Basketball Jump Shot. A Comparison of Changed Visual Conditions from Different Shooting Spots

8 (5-12) Alexander Pohl, Markus Böker, Linda Hennig, Thomas Heinen More

Sport Injuries in Elite Amputee Football Players

10 (13-22) Jacek Wieczorek, Andrzej Wieczorek, Joanna Bauerfeind, Paula Grzelińska, Robert Śliwowski, Tomasz Tasiemski More

Dietary Intake of Minerals in Diets of Adults Preparing for Marathon

10 (23-32) Agnieszka Salomon, Anna Mandecka, Dorota Różańska, Klaudia Konikowska, Aureliusz Kosendiak, Bożena Regulska-Ilow More

Influence of Fencing Training (Technical and Tactical) on Selected Features of Shape of the Spine and Pelvis Under Load

8 (33-40) Alicja Kaiser, Marek Sokołowski, Mirosław Mrozkowiak More

The Effects of the Coach-Athlete Working Alliance on Affect and Burnout Among High Level Coaches

16 (41-56) Kenneth Myhre, Frode Moen More

Evaluation of the Quality of Sleep of the Professional Soldiers Population

10 (57-66) Marta Stępień-Słodkowska, Przemysław Ustianowski, Anna Starkowska, Katarzyna Kotarska More

Successful Ageing: The Role of Physical Activity and Its Barriers in Polish Men of Advanced Age

9 (67-75) Andrzej Knapik, Jerzy Rottermund, Edward Saulicz, Pawel Linek, Aneta Warmuz-Wancisiewicz, Andrzej Myśliwiec More

Effect of Repeated Cold Water Swimming Exercise on Adaptive Changes in Body Weight in Older Rats

11 (77-87) Iwona Bryczkowska, Irena Baranowska-Bosiacka, Anna Lubkowska More

The Differences between Teams in Men’s and Women’s Medallists and Non-medallists at the 1996–2016 Olympic Games Artistic Gymnastics Tournament

9 (89-97) Almir Atiković, Sunčica Delaš Kalinski, Emilija Petković, Ivan Čuk More

Habitual Physical Activity in Adults Measured by Accelerometer in Compliance with Selected Health Recommendations

7 (99-105) Małgorzata Dębska, Władysław Mynarski, Michał Rozpara, Daniel Puciato More

Motives for Choosing Studies as Predictors of Career Plans of Tourism and Recreation Students

12 (107-118) Jarosław Nadobnik, Michał Tarnowski, Maria Alicja Nowak More