Central European Journal of Sport Sciences and Medicine

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Issue archive / Vol. 19, No. 3/2017

Year of publication:2017
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Is it Possible to Estimate Match Result in Volleyball: A new Prediction Model

13 (5-17) Cengiz Akarçeşme More

Effectiveness of Training for 11–13 year-old Soccer Players on the Basis of Small and Supporting Games in the Context of Action Efficiency in the Situation of a One Against One Game

12 (19-30) Andrzej Lachowicz More

Addressing Cardiovascular Disease Risk in HungarianAmerican Populations: A Cultural Exploration of Transdisciplinary Health Promotion

11 (31-41) Nicholas Laszlo, Basil H. Aboul-Enein, Josh Bernstein, Joanna Kruk More

The Differentiation of Visual Sensorimotor Processes in the Representatives of Various Sport Disciplines

11 (43-53) Piotr Lesiakowski, Justyna Krzepota, Teresa Zwierko More

Underrepresentation of Women in Sports Organizations. Polish, British and International Organizations – a Comparative Analysis

12 (55-66) Natalia Organista More

Effect of Long-Term Green Tea Extract Supplementation on Peripheral Blood Leukocytes in CrossFit-Trained and Untrained Men

10 (67-76) Agata Żak, Ilona Pokora More

Trend of Drug Abuse in 2011– 2014 in Italy

8 (77-84) Alessia Sacco, Alessandra Macchiarella, Alessandra Amato, Daniele La Commare, Valentina Contrò, Patrizia Proia More

The Effect of Acute Creatine Supplementation on Fatigue and Anaerobic Performance

8 (85-92) Osman Ateş, Burcak Keskin, Bulent Bayraktar More

Validation of the New Visual Swimming Pace Control System in Real-Time

12 (93-104) Stefan Szczepan, Krystyna Zatoń More

Physical Activity as a Health Need

7 (105-111) Aleksander Olejnik, Zofia Kubińska, Anna Pańczuk, Joanna Kubińska More