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Issue archive / Vol. 28, No. 4/2019

Year of publication:2019
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4 (1-4) --- More

Somatic and typological differentiation of first-year male and female students from the Jozef Pilsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw"

10 (5-14) Karol Gryko, Anna Kopiczko, Krzysztof Krawczyk, Iwona Maliszewska, Krzysztof Perkowski More

Evaluation of the relationship of the climbing level of sport climbers with selected anthropometric indicators and diet composition

11 (15-25) Anna Przeliorz-Pyszczek, Katarzyna Gołąbek, Bożena Regulska-Ilow More

The genesis and development of Polish equestrianism in the interwar period

11 (27-37) Renata Urban More

Effect of compression modalities for recovery on wrestlers' biomarkers in one day tournament

13 (39-51) Mohamed S. Ghoraba, Marwa F. Ghazy More

Readiness to change and pro-health behaviours among students of physical education and other teaching specialisations

13 (53-65) Grażyna Kosiba, Maria Gacek, Agnieszka Wojtowicz More

Prevalence, attitudes and motivations concerning dietary supplements in sport intake among medical students

8 (67-74) Klaudia Brożyna, Agata Gąsławska-Kupisz, Aleksandra Marzęda, Jędrzej Tkaczyk, Aleksandra Rutkowska More

The influence of modern technologies on the selected determinants of tourism and recreation development

10 (75-84) Jarosław Nadobnik More

10 year follow-up study of gender in sports coverage of the U.S. and Spanish online newspapers (2003–2004 vs. 2013–2014)

12 (85-96) Jillian E. Frideres, José M. Palao More

The Modulatory Effect of Physical Activity on APE1-Mediated Telomere Length and Stability; A Narrative Review

10 (97-106) Gabriela Betlej, Aleksandra Kwiatkowska, Ewelina Bator More

Salsa dance and perceived mental health benefits: a servant leadership theory-driven study

11 (107-117) Pablo A. Domene, Chelsey Lawson More

Sexual dimorphism in significant correlations frequency between the characteristics of body trunk and feet in children aged 4 to 6 years

8 (119-126) Alicja Kaiser, Mirosław Mrozkowiak, Marek Sokołowski More