Colloquia Theologica Ottoniana

ISSN: 1731-0555     eISSN: 2353-2998    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/cto

The Type of Papers Published by CTO

The following papers are published by CTO: original scientific manuscripts, which were neither published nor submitted for publishing in any other scientific journal (the size of the manuscript should not exceed one publisher sheet); polemic publications (i.e., texts containing creative criticism of opinions presented in another scientific literature); critical reviews of scientific books published in CTO’s year of release or in the calendar year proceeding the journal’s release; reports on momentous scientific events that took place in CTO’s year of release.

Open Access

Full versions of manuscripts published in the journal are available at without a grace period or any technological barriers.

Manuscripts are published on CC-BY-SA license, and CTO does have not any manuscript processing charges (APCs). Authors hold the copyright to their manuscripts without restrictions.



  • biblical theology,
  • dogmatic and fundamental theology,
  • liturgy,
  • moral theology,
  • preaching theology,
  • pastoral theology,
  • catechetics,
  • Church history and patrology,
  • religiology,
  • theology of spirituality,
  • missiology.


  • philosophy of God,
  • philosophy of religion,
  • general ethics and bioethics,
  • metaphysics,
  • philosophical anthropology,
  • logic and theory of knowledge,
  • history of philosophy,
  • philosophy of law and politics,
  • philosophy of nature.

Legal Sciences:

  • canonic law,
  • religious law.

We also publish texts on psychology, pedagogy and sociology, especially if their subject matter lies at the intersection of these sciences with theology.

The Language of the Publication

CTO accepts texts written in Polish or English; however, if the language of the text is not Polish, the author is obligated to consult the accuracy of the text’s language with a professional translator or a native speaker prior to submitting it to the journal’s editorial team.

Publication Decisions and Timeframe

The editorial team will notify the authors of its publishing decisions promptly after the reviewing process is completed. The reviewing process will not exceed two months.

Submission Deadlines for Texts Accepted for Specific Journal Issues

Manuscript submission is conducted on a continuous basis, and the editorial teams always strive to publish them in the forthcoming issue. If the text is submitted by the end of May of a given year, it will be published in this year’s issue after passing the reviewing process. If the text is submitted after the last day in May, the author should expect the text to be published in the issue of the next calendar. CTO editors reserve the right to depart from this rule due to the number of incoming texts, publishing plans, or other circumstances affecting the timeline of publication. Information about when the text will be published will be provided to the author with the publication decision.


No fees are collected for the publication of the paper. Also, there is no remuneration to the author for published text. CTO’s purpose is not to earn profit but to spread knowledge and stimulate scientific discourse.

Revenue sources, marketing and advertising

CTO's publishing activity is financed by the University of Szczecin. The journal does not put advertisements, and all forms of direct marketing are well-targeted, unobtrusive and aimed solely at promoting scientific content.