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Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

1. Language

The language of the manuscript must be English (either American or British standard, but not the mixture of both).

2. Length of paper

The length of the paper should not exceed 20,000 characters (with spaces) including tables, figures, references and appendices (if any). Paper containing more than 20,000 characters will be returned to the author(s) to abridge. Articles should be typed in double-space(including footnotes and references) on one side of the paper only (preferably A4) with standard margins. Authors are urged to write as concisely as possible, but not at the expense of clarity.

3. Title Page

The title page should include:

(i)The name(s) of the author(s) (ii) A concise and informative title (NOT in capital letters) (iii) The affiliation(s) and address (es) of the author(s) (iv) The e-mail address and mobile telephone numbers of the corresponding author (mobile numbers will not be published).

The author’s name, title, affiliation, address, telephone number and email address should appear only on the title page.

4. Abstract

On the second page please provide again your title and an abstract of 150 to 250 words. The abstract should not contain any undefined abbreviations or unspecified references.

5. Rules regarding article formatting

The paper body, abstract  should be written with in Times New Roman 12 point, double spaced. For the rest please use our template (available here).

Abbreviations and acronyms should be defined the first time they are used in text.

6. Keywords and JEL codes

Please provide 4 to 6 keywords and JEL codes which can be used for indexing purposes.

7. Acknowledgement

The author may use acknowledgement section in the end of the paper (if any).

8. Subdivision of the article

Divide your article into clearly defined and NOT numbered sections. The first section is “Introduction” and the last one is “Conclusions”

9. Table and Figures

Present tables and figures within the article, NOT at the end of the article. Please note that the article will be published in black and white. They should not occupy more than one page each. The heading should be in Times New Roman 10 point bold. Each table and figure should be numbered consecutively and titled. General and simple audience friendly graphs or tables are preferred. Titles and numbers should be positioned above the table and below the figure.

Figures, tables and other objects: max width 125mm.

10. References

Author(s) should follow the latest edition of APA style in referencing. Please visit to learn more about APA style. Do NOT use footnotes.

Citations in the text

Please ensure that every reference cited in the text is also present in the reference list (and vice versa). Avoid citation in the abstract. Unpublished results and personal communications should not be in the reference list, but may be mentioned in the text. Citation of a reference as 'in press' implies that the item has been accepted for publication.

Reference List

References should be arranged first alphabetically and then further sorted chronologically if necessary.


Reference to a journal publication:

Thompson, G. M. (2005). Hotel Room Rates across Booking Channels. Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 46(2), 106–107.

Reference to a book:

Carver, C. S., & Scheier, M. F. (2001). On the Self-Regulation of Behavior. Cambridge University Press.

Reference to a chapter in an edited book:

Mettam, G. R., & Adams, L. B. (1994). How to prepare an electronic version of your article. In B. S. Jones, & R. Z. Smith (Eds.), Introduction to the electronic age (pp. 281-304). New York: E-Publishing Inc.

Reference to a web source:

Smith, Joe, (1999), One of Volvo's core values. [Online] Available: (July 7, 1999)

Deadline and Fees

Currently we are not accepting articles for 2018.

We start accepting papers for 2019 starting from 1 September 2018.

Articles with at least 50% of authors outside Poland are not subject to a fee.
Other articles - 550 PLN. The fee is due after positive review. 

IBAN: PL 46 1050 1559 1000 0022 8790 4474
In the comments please include our internal booking number "subkonto 0043"

All questions regarding invoices please direct at: