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Lista wydań / t. 26 2016
Zmiany w sektorze produkcji mleka na przykładzie województwa warmińsko-mazurskiego

Autorzy: Bożena Garbowska
Rok wydania:2016
Liczba stron:13 (49-61)
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The main objective of this publication was to characterize and evaluate changes in the milk production sector (number of dairy cows, production volume, individual milk quotas, the number of suppliers in various districts) in the province of Warmia and Mazury in 2005–2014. The region of Warmia and Mazury is characterized by the Podlasie the greatest concentration province herd of dairy cows in Poland. Analyses were based on data from the Central Statistical Office publications and the Agricultural Market Agency. The basic scope of time covered the years 2005–2014. In the analysis of suppliers and supply volumes in specific districts of the province characterized the period 2010–2014. The study used descriptive method and dynamics indicators were used. The observed results indicate a decrease in the number of suppliers with a simultaneous increase in the quantity of milk delivered. 
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