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Issue archive / nr 4/2014
Elementy „ludowe” w religijności współczesnej?
(“Folk” elements in the contemporary religiosity?)

Authors: Anna Małgorzata Królikowska
Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Keywords: popular religiousness folklore-likeness revitalization of religion catholicism
Year of publication:2014
Page range:12 (5-16)


The notion of popular religiosity, relatively rarely evoked in the contemporary sociology, is dealt with in the paper. At the first sight, this category seems to be not up-to-date any more because of the decline of traditional peasant communities. Today, however, a comparatively strong trend comprising some elements classically attributed to the popular religiousness can be observed within the frame of the Catholic Church religiosity. Initiated by representatives of a religious institution, it meets with a positive response of some people related to the Church. The “old” features, ascribed to “village people”, termed as sensualism, practicalness, miracular sensibility, or social quality of religiousness found in contemporary contexts should not be merely treated as the relics of the past.
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