Opuscula Sociologica

Previously: Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Studia Sociologica

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Information for authors

Requirements regarding texts submitted for publication
in Opuscula Sociologica

1. Text in a Word file (*.doc or *.docx) should be sent to the editorial board by email.

2. An article must be entirely original and cannot participate in any other editorial proceeding, irrespective of a form or language of publishing (see subpage Ethics).

3. The volume of the article, along with bibliography, summaries and keywords, should not exceed 36 000 characters (including spaces). It should not also be shorter than 20 600 characters.

4. Font size of all letters should be 12; spacing between lines and paragraphs - 1,5; the left and right margin should be 2,5 cm.

5. References, also when citing materials coming from websites, should be made in accordance with APA citation standard (details in attachment).

6. Author(s) should try not to use too many footnotes.

7. The structure of the text should be marked by the use of subheadings.

8. Illustrative materials should be provided in graphic files, tables and graphs - in a form of source files congruent to a respective computer program. One should not use illustrations, diagrams, or pictures derived from Internet.

9. Bibliography should comply with APA standards, like:

Smith, A. (2005). Title of the article. Title of a Journal, volume number (year issue number), pages.

Smith, A. (2008). Title of a book. Place of publication: Publisher.

Smith, A. (2008). Title of a chapter. In: X. Surname, Y. Surname (eds.), Title of a book (pages). Place of publication: Publisher.

For more details see the attachment down below, or the APA handbook.

10. Author(s) should enclose 5-6 keywords.

11. Also an abstract should be enclosed. It should consist approx. 1000x signs and contain the main information about the paper’s aims, contents and conclusions. The keywords should be used in the abstract. It should be treated as the important part of the article, which serves as a "showcase", bearing in mind that some of databases contain only abstracts.

12. Authors are asked to provide their worksite (affiliation).

13. A declaration of originality of the article should also be submitted (please find in enclosure). This is to protect the originality of scientific publications. If authors have made use of another entities (natural or legal persons), they must inform about it in a transparent way (for example in a footnote).

APA style for Opuscula Sociologica