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synchroniczne i diachroniczne aspekty badań polszczyzny

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Issue archive / t. 9, 2010
Wyrażenie biały kruk w dziejach języka polskiego
(The expression biały kruk in the history of Polish language)

Authors: Jolanta Ignatowicz-Skowrońska
Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Data publikacji całości:2010
Page range:12 (69-80)


The subject of description in this paper is the functioning of the expressions biały kruk in the history of Polish language. The expression has a long tradition of application in Polish language, although its complete metaphorisation took place as late as in the 19th century. The analysis of the functioning of the expression in 20th and 21st century texts convinces us that at present it is subject to numerous formal modifi cations and is broadening the scope of its meaning.
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