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synchroniczne i diachroniczne aspekty badań polszczyzny

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Lista wydań / t. 9, 2010
Elementy dialogowości w Informacyi matematycznej Wojciecha Bystrzonowskiego z 1749 roku. Część II. Odsyłacze

Autorzy: Agnieszka Szczaus
Uniwersytet Szczeciński
Rok wydania:2010
Liczba stron:10 (275-284)


The characteristic element of present-day scientifi c texts is so called referen ces which indicate a connection with another text (extratextual references; intertextual dialogicality) or help a recipient to move through a currently read text (intratextual references; communication dialogicality). The authors of present-day scientifi c texts are using the concepts of reference construction and their employment methods elaborated in previous centuries. It was not until the Middle Polish period when the rules of reference formation were being defi ned. In the paper have been traced the methods of edition of extra- and intratextual references being found in the Informacyja matematyczna (Mathematical information) by Wojciech Bystrzonowski of 1749. It has been showed how references are functioning in the Bystrzonowski’s text, where they are situated, what elements are composing a reference, how much a proposed record is consistent and stable, and which of the description elements have been modifi ed throughout the ages.
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