Acta Iuris Stetinensis

Previously: Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Acta Iuris Stetinensis

ISSN: 2083-4373     eISSN: 2545-3181    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/ais

Aims and scope

The academic Journal Acta Iuris Stetinensis (until 2010 as Roczniki Prawnicze) in its main assumption is a forum for legal thought exchange and primarily provides a plane where views on the current, past and forecast legal order, understood as both national and international law, are cut and thrust. The journal also aims to contribute to greater integration of legal circles and to be the source of inspiration for those involved in the legal doctrine, representatives of authorities applying the law as well as practicing lawyers.

The journal publishes papers addressing issues in the field of social sciences, covering scholarly disciplines of legal studies, canon law and administration studies.

The journal serves to present:
a) scholarly publications in the field of private and public law as well as from the perspective of international law,
b) commentaries on judgments or decisions of bodies applying the law,
c) conference proceedings, materials from training sessions and meetings,
d) announcements of and reports on important events in the life of the legal community.


Since 2013 the journal has been co-authored by the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Szczecin, the Court of Appeals in Szczecin and the Voivodship Administrative Court in Szczecin. 

Acta Iuris Stetinensis is included in the ministerial list of journals and carries 40 points – in accordance with the Communication from the Minister of Education and Science and of 1 December 2021 on the list of scholarly papers and peer-reviewed international conference proceedings.





Enhancing the academic level and internationalization of the journal Acta Iuiris Stetinensis – a task financed under agreement 638/P-DUN/2019 from the finds of the Minister of Science and Higher Education allocated for activity popularizing science.

Publication of the journal co-financed from the funds of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under agreement no. 384/WCN/2019/1 of 16 July 2019 which constitute aid granted under the programme “Support for academic journals”.


ISSN: 2083-4373

eISSN: 2545-3181

DOI: 10.18276/ais

Abstracts of published papers are available online in the international database the Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, in, the Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL), and in BazHum,