Autobiografia Literatura Kultura Media

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About the Journal

"Autobiography Literature Culture Media"

An academic journal of the Institute of Literature and New Media of the University of Szczecin Press

ISSN: 2353-8694

e-ISSN: 2719-4361


In "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" we analyse the evolution of old autobiographical sources (letters, autobiographies, silvae rerum, diaries, memoirs, etc.), as well as their present-day variants (emails, blogs, internet autobiographical comic strips, profiles on FB, internet family chronicles, etc.). We ask the question how the new forms affect the personal narratives and how they modify the present-day ways of expression, also by introducing other arts. To put it briefly, we describe a wide variety of multimedia biography, which becomes more and more popular.

The term ‘autobiography’, which is included in the title of the academic journal of the Institute of Literature and New Media of the Szczecin University, allows insights into the culture from a different perspective, which does not mean restricting the point of view to one aspect. The autobiographical need, in the opinion of the Editorial Staff, triggers not only tales but research methods and styles of critical narration as well. We present both analyses of actual autobiographical practices and academic descriptions of concepts of Polish and foreign scholars concerning the title category of our Journal. One of the topics of our Journal is the regional identity, treated in the order of biographies reconstructed in the form of reminiscences, a diary, an essay, an academic monograph, a novel, a film, a blog, a press polemic, etc., typical of the present day.  

The Journal is composed of the following sections: Theories, Emancipation, Fragments of Autobiographies, Autobiographical Practices, Dictionary of Autobiographical Writing, Biographies, and Analyses.

"Autobiography Literature Culture Media" is published twice a year.

Each issue of the Journal is monographic in character. Articles are published in Polish and English. 

The editors of the issues published so far:

– dr Maciej Duda (US): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2016, no 1 (6)

– dr Joanna Lisek (UWr): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2017, no 1 (8)

– dr Paweł Wolski (US): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2017, no 2 (9)

– dr hab. Arleta Galant (US): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2018, no 1 (10)

– dr hab. Małgorzata Zduniak-Wiktorowicz (UAM): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2019, no 1 (12)

– Agnieszka Więckiewicz (UW): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2019, no 2 (13)

– dr Natalia Aleksiun, Touro College, Graduate School of Jewish Studies (New York, USA): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2020, no 1 (14)

– dr hab. Paweł Wolski (US): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2020, no 2 (15)

– dr hab. prof. US Dariusz Śnieżko (US), dr hab. prof. US Jerzy Madejski (US): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2021, no 1 (16)

– prof. dr hab. US Jerzy Madejski (US), dr Sławomir Iwasiów (US): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2021, no 2 (17)

– dr Artur Hellich (UW): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2022, no 1 (18)

– dr hab. prof. UW Agnieszka Karpowicz (UW), dr hab. prof. UMCS Aleksander Wójtowicz (UMCS): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2022, no 2 (19)

- dr hab. prof. UKSW Piotr Weiser (UKSW): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2023, no 1 (20)

- dr Aleksandra Grzemska (US): "Autobiography Literature Culture Media" 2023, no 2 (21)


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According to the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education the Journal is ranked 40 points.

The Journal in 2019–2020 is funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the program "Support for Academic Journals".

The University of Szczecin Press is the publisher of the Journal.

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The Journal is supported by Polskie Towarzystwo Autobiograficzne (PTA, English: Polish Autobiographical Society, PAS).

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