Autobiografia Literatura Kultura Media

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For Authors



The authors publish texts in the journal on the basis of royalty-free licence to works with a commitment to grant sub-licences under the CC-BY-SA (agreement template).

Publishing Agreement: Author’s agreement template

The text will be accepted only if its citations and bibliographical notes are in conformity with the Chicago style; the rules of the Chicago style are in the file to download. Articles are published in Polish and English. 

The size of the text should not be smaller and bigger than 20,000-25,000 characters with spaces.

After submitting the text, each author should receive confirmation that his/her text has been noted by the editors. In a situation where the author does not receive a confirmation within a week, please contact the editorial office by e-mail at the following address:


Authors are requested to prepare articles in conformity with the rules.

Text should be prepared in Microsoft Office Word, according to the following guidelines:

·         font: Times New Roman, 12 points

·         margins: 2.5 cm (default in Microsoft Office Word)

·         affiliation of author (under surname), ORCID number

·         in first note: e-mail contact with author

·         final bibliography (with DOI numbers, if available)

·         do not use upper case letters or small capital letters

·         text justified: with the exception of some quotes, titles, headings, elements of tables and computer graphics

·         line spacing 1.5 (it also concerns the captions of tables and pictures and foot/endnotes)

·         indentation of first lines in paragraphs (default)

·         pages numbered

·         option to divide words – off

·         footnotes inside the text – according to Chicago (surname, year of publication) (surname, surname, year of publication)

·         tables and diagrams (editable) together with the titles in the right place of the text

·         (in addition, files – if created in Excel, Statistica, CorelDraw, PowerPoint, and the like – should be prepared so as to be readable in black and white version, Times New Roman, font size 8 or 9 points, width – up to 12.5 cm,  height – up to 17 cm)

·         graphic elements (e.g. photos, pictures and the like) should be prepared in the best possible way and saved in one of the following formats: *.jpg, *.eps or *.pdf. Photos – 300 dpi, (width – up to 12.5 cm, height – up to 17 cm). Illustrations, diagrams, pictures taken from the internet should not be included

·         formulae: main text – 10 points, superscripts/subscripts – 7 points, width – up to 12 cm; formulae and notations – Times New Roman font, 10 points; variables – italics; numbers – normal font; if formulae are written in the program of formulae, they need to be placed inside the text as editable elements (!)

·         getting the CONSENT OF THE COPYRIGHT OWNERS and revealing the source(s) of the materials used in the publication lie with the author(s)

Each graphic element should be additionally sent as a separate file.