Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia

Previously: Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia

ISSN: 2450-8543     eISSN: 2353-317X    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/cgs

About the Journal

The scientific journal to the Faculty of Humanities of the Szczecin University «Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia» (up to 2015 the Scientific Bulletin of the Szczecin University «Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia», ISSN 1640-6818 / ISSN 0867-5791) has been published since 1988. The journal functions as a platform for exchange of academic views between German (and other) philologists. The journal publishes articles and reviews written by both experienced, acknowledged scholars and by young researchers. The main disciplines are literary studies and linguistics. However, papers in the fields of cultural studies, translation studies and language acquisition or language teaching also appear in the journal. Some issues of the journal include, in addition to these, critiques of scholarly publications or reports from conferences.

The articles in the field of literary studies concern, on the one hand, the history of German-language literature and, on the other hand, the contemporary German, Austrian and Swiss literature. Moreover, topics from the field of comparative literary studies (especially the comparison of German and Polish works), are addressed, as well as matters concerning, among others, narratology, feminist literature studies, various regional, social and political aspects. A relevant area of interest is also the research on the interdependencies between literature and such media as film, music, visual arts, theatre, film and the Internet. The papers in the field of cultural studies focus mainly on the German-Polish dialogue.

In the journal there appear articles from various areas of linguistics: papers on the topics of contrastive linguistics, especially phraseology and phraseography, are richly represented but the topics of text linguistics and linguistic discourse analysis are also present. An important place has been given to papers concerning the most recent tendencies in generative grammar and in cognitive linguistics. The issues of theoretical and practical lexical semantics and of etymology are addressed too. In addition to this, the journal publishes articles in the area of applied linguistics and the related theories of language acquisition and communicative competence, as well as these dealing with the issues of German as a foreign language (DaF). 

ISSN: 2450-8543 (until 2015: 1640-6818 / ISSN 0867-5791)

eISSN: 2353-317X

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History of the Journal

The scientific Journal of the Faculty of Germanic Philology of the Szczecin University has been appearing since 1988 (since 1996 published once a year). The Journal was created by Associate Professor (Docent) Karol Koczy, who was also the creator of the Institute of Germanic Philology at the Szczecin University (in 2012 decorated with the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, German: Verdienstorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, by the German President). Next, the Journal was taken over by Professor (doctor habilitated) Ryszard Lipczuk, 2015-2017 the Journal has been run by Professor Lipczuk and doctor habilitated Dorota Sośnicka (professor of the Szczecin University), and since 2018 the journal’s editors  are Professor Dorota Sośnicka (literary studies) and Professor Anna Pilarski (linguistics).

Revenue sources, marketing and advertising

The publishing activity of the journal Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia is financed by the University of Szczecin and the journal does not require of the authors any publishing fees. The authors of the articles published in CGS receive one free printed author’s copy of the issue in which their article was published. At the same time all published articles are available on the journal’s website, which is run by the University of Szczecin Academic Press (Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego, WNUS), free of charge and without any technological barriers or paywalls in the online version of the journal.

The journal Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia does not use advertising and any forms of direct marketing activities are well targeted, unobtrusive and generally aimed at promoting scientific content published in the journal.

Open Access statement

Full versions of articles published in the journal are available at without grace period or any technological barriers.
Articles are published on CC-BY-SA license and journal have not any article processing charges (APCs). Authors hold the copyright to their articles without restrictions.