Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia

Previously: Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego. Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia

ISSN: 2450-8543     eISSN: 2353-317X    OAI    DOI: 10.18276/cgs

For Authors

The journal “Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia” publishes scholarly articles on the topics relevant in the field of German literature (the responsible editor: Dorota Sośnicka) and linguistics (the responsible editor: Anna Pilarski). Articles are published on CC-BY-SA license and authors retain the copyright and full publishing rights without restrictions. 

The journal does not charge any fees for publishing an article (article processing charges APCs). After publication every author receives a free author’s copy of the journal’s issue containing their article. At the same time the articles already published in printed form are made available to general public free of charge on the website of the journal.


Publication forms and sizes:

• scientific articles (literary and cultural studies, linguistics, translation studies, glottodidactics) – 12-15 pages

• reviews (as texts for publication) – 10-12 pages

• reports or presentations of books – up to 4 pages

• the language of publication: German (reports possibly in Polish as well)


Sending articles:

• via menu "Zaproponuj artykuł" [‘Suggest Article’]

• an article as an attachment in Microsoft Office Word

• the same version of the article in PDF (for review during the publication process)

• pictures, tables, etc. placed in the text and separately as a file in the format of PDF (or Excel, Statistica, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Power Point)

• photos placed in the text and separately as a file in the format: PDF or JPG, TIF, 300 dpi (dots per inch)

• getting the CONSENT OF THE COPYRIGHT OWNERS and revealing the source(s) of the materials used in the publication lie with the author(s)


Rules of editing texts:

Please refrain from using your own text formatting and follow the rules in the appendices below RICHTLINIEN ZUR MANUSKRIPTGESTALTUNG_APA and CGS_Formatierungsvorlage. From 2024, all contributions will be prepared according to the APA citation rules. Articles that do not comply with the formal rules will be rejected by the editorial team.


Deadline for articles to be sent: (each year) January 31th. The issue will be published in the same year (November), but in the case of a larger number of articles, some of them, those received latest, may be postponed to the next issue.

Duties of Authors

Originality and plagiarism: Authors should ensure that they have written entirely original works, and if the authors have used the work and/or words of others they need to be cited or quoted. Plagiarism and fraudulent data are not acceptable.

Acknowledgement of sources: The proper acknowledgment of the work of others must always be given, this pertains to works directly cited, as well as paraphrased. All the works referred to in an article shall also be listed in the bibliography.

Multiple or concurrent publication: Authors should not in general publish a manuscript describing essentially the same research in more than one journal. Submitting the same manuscript to more than one journal concurrently constitutes unethical publishing behaviour and is unacceptable. In exceptional cases – if this can be justified by e.g. issues of availability of a previously published article or by different language of publication – it is possible to publish the article provided that the author obtains the permission from the editorial board (the publisher) of the previously published article and adds respective information at the beginning of the article.

Errors in published works: Prior to publication every article undergoes repeated verification: first by the appropriate editor, secondly by two anonymous reviews from appointed reviewers, by the professional proofreader and by the editor of the publishing house. The author(s) should read all the remarks, suggestions of corrections of language mistakes and incorporate them into their article. After the editing process in the publishing house there is still the opportunity for the author(s) to correct the proofs. When the author discovers an error or inaccuracy in their own published work, it is the author’s obligation to promptly notify the journal editor. Should the author(s), without justification, not observe the suggested remarks and correction suggestions, their article can eventually be rejected.

Before the article is accepted for publication, the authors have to sign the declaration on ghostwriting, which is to be found on the COLLOQUIA GERMANICA STETINENSIA journal’s website in the menu option “For Authors”, and send it to the Editorial Office; hereby the authors declare that:

• they present results of their own research;

• the submitted article is fully original and does not infringe any third-party rights (of natural or legal persons), and it has not been published anywhere before, irrespective of the character of the publisher;

• the author(s) incorporated the remarks of the reviewers in the article or that they do not agree with some of them – with a justification of their decision, which ultimately shall be verified by the editorial board.