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Issue archive / 1/2015
Jezus Chrystus – centrum chrześcijańskiej wiary w świetle encykliki Lumen fidei

Authors: Marek Pyc
Wydział Teologiczny Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu
Keywords: message salvation the encyclical Lumen Fidei faith Jesus Christ
Year of publication:2015
Page range:14 (215-228)
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The Pope in his encyclical Lumen Fidei expresses our relationship with Jesus Christ,using the term in different ways to believe and define it as: faith in Jesus Christ, faith toJesus Christ and faith into Jesus Christ.The analysis of the text is clear that by the Pope faith in Jesus Christ focuses first onthe truth about Incarnation as a salvific mystery and, in particular embraces the PaschalMystery, which is the very heart of the saving mission of Jesus Christ. Moreover, the Popedraws a line that faith calls for the adoption of Christ’s message, because only then we trulybelieve in Jesus, when receive his word, and so his testimony, and we entrust ourselves toHim and our lives. What’s more – as the Pope points out – in the faith of Jesus Christ isnot only the one in whom we believe and entrust ourselves, but also the one with whom tounite in order to be able to fully believe.
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