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Issue archive / Vol. 26, 2/2018
Is M-learning a new way to attract students to learn?

Authors: Paula Bajdor

Damian Dziembek
Keywords: m-learning education mobile technology mobile applications
Year of publication:2018
Page range:8 (7-14)
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M-learning is perceived as a new way of learning, which assume to use personal electronic devices, such as mobile phones, smart phones, tablets or palmtops. The only requirement is a unlimited access to the Internet. This could also be a new way to attract students – by offering them a new solution for studying. To check whether this concept would be accepted by students, the research has been conducted among the students, who are the e-learning platform’s users. Based on the conducted research, Czestochowa University of Technology, may decide if this solution should be adopted as a new way of learning. The obtained results present that students are the users of electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablets or e-book readers, but still they are not fully convinced to m-learning.
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