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Issue archive / Vol. 23, 3/2017

Year of publication:2017
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Equestrian tourism as an offer of rural tourism - study on the selected examples from Podkarpackie Province (Poland) and Prešov Province (Slovakia)

8 (5-12) Małgorzata Buczek – Kowalik, Radoslav Klamár, Ján Kozoň More

Corporate social responsibility in gastronomy business in Poland on selected example

8 (13-20) Edyta Gheribi More

Rural Metropolitan Areas as Sites for Recreational Activity of Their Inhabitants an Example of Poznan Agglomeration

10 (21-30) Agata Basińska-Zych, Bernadeta Hołderna-Mielcarek, Alicja Kaiser More

Entrepreneurship in the development of sylvan tourism

8 (31-38) Mikołaj Jalinik More

Specialization in agritourism

6 (39-44) Anna Jęczmyk, Martina Hedvičáková More

Astro-tourism in the area of the polish-slovak borderland as an innovative form of rural tourism

7 (45-51) Teresa Mitura, Robert Bury, Peter Begeni, Igor Kudzej More

Conditions of tourism development in Polish voivodships

9 (53-61) Bożena Radkowska, Krzysztof Łopaciński More

Perception of modern agritourism. Wielkopolskie Province (Poland) and the Northeast Region (Romania) case study

8 (63-70) Aleksandra Spychała, Sylwia Graja-Zwolińska, Georgia Tacu, Teodor Păduraru More

Increasing the level of educational services quality in higher education

8 (71-78) Adam Stecyk More