European Journal of Service Management

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Issue archive / Vol. 24, 4/2017

Year of publication:2017
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The influence of regional culinary traditions on the attractiveness of agrotourism offer

6 (5-10) Piotr Dominik, Józef Grochowicz, Michał Koskowski More

Service guarantees in the context of professional services – case of law firms

6 (11-16) Marek Gnusowski More

Selected problems of strategic management in rural tourism

6 (17-22) Stefan Bosiacki, Bernadeta Hołderna-Mielcarek More

The legal determinants of agritourism and its link with local farming - example of agritourism farms in Lower Silesia

8 (23-30) Anna Kapała, Izabela Kurtyka – Marcak More

Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) and their role in summer product development in selected Alpine countries

8 (31-38) Katarzyna Klimek More

Creating a socially responsible agritourism offer. A market requirement or a manifestation of service providers’ system of values?

6 (39-44) Magdalena Maćkowiak, Libuše Svobodová More

Tourism advisory services in the context of New Institutional Economics

6 (45-50) Anna J. Parzonko, Anna Sieczko More

Regional Aspects of the Development of Rural Tourism in the Carpathian Region of Ukraine (the example of Lviv Province)

7 (51-57) Lucyna Przezbórska-Skobiej, Nazar Kudla More

Senior on the tourism market

7 (59-65) Monika Śpiewak-Szyjka More

The role of airports in the tourist market development on the example of Spain

8 (67-74) Krzysztof Widawski, Piotr Oleśniewicz, Anna Zaręba, Alicja Krzemińska More