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Issue archive / t. 28 2016
Działania z zakresu rewitalizacji służące edukacji ekologicznej na wybranym przykładzie

Authors: Marcin J. Małuszyński

Sylwia Gajewska

Ilona Małuszyńska
Data publikacji całości:2016
Page range:14 (163-176)
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Ecological education is a psycho-pedagogic process effect on human beings in order to shape its environmental awareness, which relates to the education and upbringing of society at different levels alike in schools as well as outside them. At the time when many degraded areas in Poland are revitalized, there is a possibility of linking revitalization activities with ecological education. This integrated approach applied during the process revitalizacji degraded areas and cooperation between local authorities, designers, contractors and residents of the surrounding areas, allows to obtain the expected results of revitalization and increase people's awareness and improve the quality of life of society. Among the objects on which we observe such changes are urban green areas, which transformation is more and more often enforced by the local residents. One such place is the Zachodni Park, located in the area of Ochota District in the capital city Warsaw. Translated by Marcin Małuszyński
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